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Taxpayers often miss opportunities to make tax-smart moves. The decisions you make now about retirement plans, education accounts and charitable and other gifts can benefit you later. Contact me about finding strategies to help you manage your taxes now and in retirement.



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The longer your money is invested, the more income taxes can create a drag on your returns. That’s why Congress granted tax-deferral to some long-term retirement investments – to help taxpayers get better prepared for retirement. By deferring taxes on investment earnings, more of your money stays invested and working for you.

If you’ve ever wondered how tax-deferred investing can make a difference, take a few minutes to visit Our easy-to-use calculator helps show how tax deferral could work in your personal situation as you grow your money – and when you spend it.

After your visit, contact me and we’ll talk about tax-deferred solutions that could help you have a more confident retirement.


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