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Is the U.S. economy’s resiliency a problem for investors?

Despite contrary efforts from the Federal Reserve, U.S. economic activity has remained fairly resilient. In this video, Ameriprise Financial Chief Economist Russell Price shares his views on:

  • Why a stubbornly strong economy presents a paradox for investors
  • The future trajectory for economic growth
  • The likelihood that a slowing economy will lead to a recession

Putting Q3 into perspective: Inflation, interest rates and investing

Stickier inflation, slower growth, and Federal Reserve tightening continued to weigh on the markets and economy this past quarter.

With this backdrop in mind, our experts provide their insights on the following:

  • When the Fed may put an end to tightening
  • Fixed income strategies for higher yields
  • Positioning a portfolio for ongoing market volatility
  • The influence of midterm elections on stock market performance

What does an inverted yield curve mean for income investors?

One of the most watched indicators for investors across markets is an inverting Treasury curve. And while inverted yield curves tend to be harbingers of recessions, they can also be a signal for income investors to move toward quality investments and to buy longer maturities. Ameriprise Financial’s Fixed Income Strategist Brian Erickson shares strategies that income investors should consider.


Do the principles of diversification still hold up?

With both stocks and bond prices down this year, investors may wonder whether a diversified portfolio can still hold up. Chief Market Strategist Anthony Saglimbene addresses this question in a challenging investing environment.


Inflation and bear market considerations for investors

The arrival of a bear market has raised concerns for investors. Are we headed into a recession? What changes – if any – should investors make to their portfolios?

Ameriprise Financial experts discuss how advisors are helping clients navigate current market conditions:

  • The impact of inflation and rising rates on the market
  • Opportunities for investors and their portfolios
  • Goal-specific investing strategies

Will inflation become stagflation?

Inflation has been a significant issue for investors and consumers alike this year, impacting everything from energy prices to the Fed and financial markets. Watch as Ameriprise Financial Chief Economist Russell Price discusses:

  • The outlook for inflation
  • Whether we are headed for stagflation
  • What to watch for in the markets

Yields rise – there’s a silver lining in there

Rising bond yields gave fixed-income investments a difficult start to the year. There is a silver lining, however: Higher bond yields are more attractive, especially for income investors. Ameriprise Financial Fixed Income Strategist Brian Erickson shares:

  • Why the rise in U.S. aggregate yields is a deal changer for income investors
  • What’s next for the bond and fixed income markets

How to navigate market volatility 

When the stock market fluctuates, it’s natural to feel uncertain about your investment decisions. Together, we can review your portfolio and discuss personalized recommendations that support your financial goals throughout market cycles over time.


 Together, we can help you prepare for and weather market fluctuations

Remember to keep these tips in mind, especially when markets are volatile:

  • Stay focused on your financial goals — we’re here to help with this.
  • Ensure your allocations are consistent with your longer-term risk profile and rebalance your portfolio regularly.
  • Make sound investment decisions based on informed, rational reactions to news headlines.


If you have concerns about your investments, please reach out. Together, we can determine what, if any, action you need to take.