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Washington Policy Update and Election Outlook

  • Christian Galipeau, Senior Investment Director - Putnam Global Investment Strategies
  • Alfred P. Schofield, Branch Manager - Vice President
  • Putnam Global Investment Strategies

Attend our complimentary seminar to hear a timely election update. During the presentation you will hear:

• Legislative highlights

• 2020 election outlook

• Wealth planning considerations

Sponsoredby Putnam Investments.

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Social Security and Retirement Planning: A Hit or Myth Proposition

  • Kurt Czarnowski - Czarnowski Consulting
  • Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC.
  • Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC.

Social Security's retirement program has been a basic part of American life for more than 84 years. But, despite the age, the size,and the economic impact of the Social Security system, the myths and misunderstandings about what the program is, as well as what it isn’t, are sizable.

Kurt Czarnowski, the Social Security Administration’s former Regional Communications Director for New England, will provide a wealth of information about the system. He will cover topics such as when someone can start to collect, how a retirement benefit is calculated, and the impact of working in retirement. He will also discuss spousal and survivor benefits, as well as how someone goes about applying.

This is an informational event. There is no cost or obligation.

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