Retirement Calculators

  • Roth IRA vs. traditional IRA calculator

    Individual retirement accounts can be effective tools to help you reach your financial goals. But which type of IRA is appropriate for you? Use this tool to learn more. Get started

  • Retirement income calculator

    Use this calculator to find out how much monthly income your savings could generate for you in retirement. See how adjustments to your annual savings, rate of return and retirement age can impact your monthly income. Get started

  • Pension vs lump sum payout calculator

    This calculator will help you evaluate your payout options for your pension plan. Compare the results of a lump sum payout versus a guaranteed monthly payment for life, as well as your annual rate of return if you choose the monthly payment option. Get started

  • LTC inflation calculator

    The calculator projects future long-term care costs based on the current daily cost of care, how soon you’ll need coverage, the length of time you’ll need coverage and inflation. Get started

  • Rollover evaluator

    Whether you are changing jobs or retiring, it’s important to make informed decisions about your financial situation. Whether to roll a workplace retirement account -- such as a 401(k) or 403(b) -- into an IRA may be one of the most important decisions you make. Our Rollover Evaluator tool can help you understand important factors to keep in mind as you consider the rollover decision. Get started

  • Retirement planner

    Do you feel confident in your progress toward a secure retirement? Use this calculator to gain insights into what your financial picture could look like in retirement. Get started

  • Variable annuity calculator

    Variable annuities are investment vehicles that allow your savings to grow tax-free until you begin making withdrawals. Use this calculator to see how a variable annuity could fit in your retirement income strategy. Get started

  • Net unrealized appreciation (NUA) calculator

    Taking an in-kind distribution from your employer's company stock retirement plan and contributing it to a taxable investment account could change how it is taxed. Use this calculator to see if this option could benefit your retirement savings. Get started

  • Understanding your IRA options calculator

    As you look ahead to retirement, you may have questions about your retirement plan options. Our Understanding your IRA Options digital brochure guides you through questions to help you discover retirement options based on your situation. Then you can send a PDF of your results to an advisor for personalized guidance based on your specific goals – no matter what stage of life you’re in. Get started

  • Roth IRA conversion calculator

    Use this calculator to see how converting your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA could affect your net worth at retirement. Learn more about the differences between traditional and Roth IRAs. Get started

  • Social Security benefit calculator

    Social Security benefits can be an important factor of your retirement income. Use this calculator to estimate your retirement benefit amount. Get started

  • Required minimum distribution (RMD) calculator

    The IRS requires that you begin withdrawing a minimum amount from some types of retirement accounts once you reach a certain age. This is known as a required minimum distribution (RMD). Use this calculator to determine the amount of your RMD. Get started

Investing Calculators

  • Investment returns calculator

    There are several factors that can contribute to meeting your long-term investment goals. Use this calculator to gain a better understanding of how different inputs can impact the rate of return on your investments. Get started

Personal Finance Calculators

  • Refinance interest savings calculator

    If mortgage rates have shifted since you bought your home, you may be thinking about refinancing. Use this calculator to find out if you could save on interest if you refinance your mortgage. Get started

  • Credit card pay off calculator

    Use this calculator to see how changes to your monthly credit card payments and other factors can impact your repayment timeline. Get started

  • Enhanced loan calculator

    If you are considering a big purchase, you may be thinking about taking out a loan. Use this calculator to see how different loan factors could impact your finances. Get started

  • Home rent vs. buy calculator

    This rent vs buy calculator can help you weigh different factors, including monthly payments, taxes and fees, to help decide whether renting or buying your home is right for you. Get started

  • Net worth calculator

    Net worth is a calculation that subtracts everything you owe from everything you own. This calculator can help you determine your net worth and how it can change over time. Get started

Education Calculators

  • College savings calculator

    Saving for a child’s college education is one of the bigger investments many will make. Use this calculator to help understand how much to save to reach your college savings goals. Get started

Taxes Calculators

  • See the power of tax deferral calculator

    Use this calculator to see the impact tax deferral can have while you are growing your money and taking income. Get started

  • Marginal tax calculator

    Use this calculator to help estimate your federal marginal tax rate, average income tax rate, and tax bracket for the tax year shown below. This is a very simplified calculator that will help with your federal marginal tax rate estimation for unexpected income, retirement planning, or investment income. Get started

  • Savings, taxes, and inflation calculator

    Various factors can have an impact on your savings over time. Gain an understanding of how your savings can be affected by taxes and inflation by calculating your growth of savings. An Ameriprise financial advisor can provide personalized advice to help you feel more confident about your saving goals. Get started