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How do I secure my assets when divorcing?

How do I secure my assets when divorcing?

Your financial future does not need to be a surprise because of your divorce. Our clients are accomplished individuals, and include professionals and business owners who have worked hard to create significant assets. If you are like them, you will want to preserve your wealth and your income, as well as secure the financial future you deserve. Our financial advisors will listen to you, then educate and collaborate with you to create a unique strategy and financial plan that delivers on your short and long-term goals. We can provide information on:

• Dividing marital property, including real estate• Spousal support

• Retirement and pension savings

• Determining if your spouse may be hiding assets

• Dividing a family business

• Tax implications and solutions

• Serving as an expert witness

Our advisors use their 70 years of combined experience to provide you with powerful data to support your case.

View our divorce videos here and here.

How do I secure my assets when divorcing?

Divorce with Financial Confidence

When so much is at stake and you only have one chance to get it right, it is imperative to make informed choices during your divorce. Our financial advisors use their 45 years of combined experience to provide you with powerful data to support your case by integrating the methodology of financial planning into the divorce process. We strive to help you progress to a better, more informed position to make pivotal decisions such as whether to keep your marital home, how to split up retirement savings or if you should consider taking a lump sum instead of monthly support payments.

View our divorce videos here and here.

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