Don’t be surprised because of divorce!

Don’t be surprised because of divorce!

Divorce is difficult, but staying level headed – especially about your finances – is vital. We examine and analyze the financial issues of your divorce and help you determine the financial impact of a proposed settlement, to make sure it works now and in the future. We do this by:

• Calculating an equitable distribution of assets

• Examining the “what ifs” and providing you with data

• Finding hidden assets

• Serving as an expert witness

• Addressing overlooked financial needs

• Answering questions like – “Can I afford to keep the house?”

Our advisors use their 70 years of experience to provide you with powerful data to support your case by integrating the methodology of financial planning into the divorce process. Our financial advisors will listen, then educate and collaborate with you to create a unique strategy and financial plan that deliver on your short and long-term goals.

Divorce guides are below in “files for download”. View our divorce videos here and here.

Don’t be surprised because of divorce!

What is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst?

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®(CDFA®) is someone who comes from a financial planning background and goes through an intensive training program to become skilled at analyzing and providing knowledge on the financial issues of divorce. Our role is to make sure you and your attorney fully understand how the financial decisions you make today will impact your financial future. We examine and analyze the financial issues of your divorce, provide you with data to help strengthen your case and determine the impact of a proposed settlement to make sure it works now and in the future. We don’t want you to sign an agreement you may regret.

View divorce guides below in “files for download". Videos here and here.

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