Advisors who Specialize in Divorce Can Help You

A financial advisor who has received the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® certification (CDFA®) is a great resource for divorcing couples. By being uniquely qualified to make long-term financial projections, advisors can integrate the methodology of financial planning directly into the divorce process. Since settlements are largely financial, CDFA® professionals have the skills and experience to assess options so that you can make the hard decisions.

An advisor who has the CDFA® designation can help clients understand:

• The differences between separate & martial property

• How property is valued & divided

• Retirement & pension division alternatives

• Spousal support

• Can you afford to keep the marital home

• Tax implications & solutions

• Which settlement is better for your future

Our CDFA® professionals use their experience to provide you with powerful data to support your case.

To access divorce guides, scroll down to “files for download”. Divorce videos are also on this page.

Divorce with Financial Confidence

When so much is at stake and you only have one chance to get it right, it is imperative to make informed choices during your divorce. Our financial advisors use their 45 years of combined experience to provide you with powerful data to support your case by integrating the methodology of financial planning into the divorce process. We strive to help you progress to a better, more informed position to make pivotal decisions such as whether to keep your marital home, how to split up retirement savings or if you should consider taking a lump sum instead of monthly support payments.

To access our divorce guides, scroll down to “Files for Download”. View our divorce videos here and here.

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