3 steps to see if your financial goals are on the right path

What financial goal is the most important to you? Maybe you’re saving for a retirement filled with travels around the world. Or perhaps you are focused on paying off your house. For all you’re working toward, we can help make your financial goals a reality. 

The first step of achieving your goals is seeing where you stand today. The Goal Planning Tool makes it easy to track and update your financial goals. In just three simple steps, see if you’re on the right path to achieve your top financial goal.

1. Choose the financial goal most important to you

Whether you want to retire early, go on a memorable vacation or purchase a second home, start by identifying what you want to accomplish. In the Goal Planning Tool, choose one financial goal to help you prioritize your savings. If you’ve already entered a goal into the system, you can check your progress or add a secondary goal.

If you’re not sure which goal to start with, we can help. Together, we’ll discuss your financial needs and what’s most important to you to determine ways to focus your savings efforts. 

Ready to get started? To track or update your goals in the Goal Planning Tool, follow the steps below: 

Are you a client?

  • Not yet registered: Set up your online access by clicking “New User” on the log in page
  • Already registered: Log in to track or update your goals

Not yet a client?

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  • Already registered: Log in to track or update your goal

2. Identify opportunities to save 

When considering your most important financial goal, start by answering two main questions:

  • How much do I want to save?
  • When do I want to achieve my goal?

Your answers to these questions will give you a snapshot of where you stand today. From there, we’ll identify potential opportunities, gaps and growth strategies to help you reach your goals.

You can also explore how adjusting your savings rate may impact your overall progress. 

3. Review your personalized timeline

Using the information you provide, the Goal Planning Tool builds a personalized financial timeline based on your savings approach and market conditions. If you’ve entered other goals online, you’ll also see where these priorities fall in your broader financial timeline.

Part of this financial outlook includes an assessment of the likelihood to fund your financial goals. This percentage provides valuable insight into your ability to reach your goals based on your current approach. You can influence this number by adjusting your savings rate or target date for the goal. 

Build a more confident financial future

Are you ready to make progress toward the financial goal most important to you? With the Goal Planning Tool, you can review your goal progress at any time and adjust when life or priorities change. We help you stay on track with personalized advice that identifies realistic steps to help you move closer to achieving your goals. 

Together, we can help you make your financial goals a reality.