Cherished Memories and Making More

Watching my mother read a story to my youngest daughter Dolly Rae, is one of my most cherished memories.

It's a moment captured in a flash, but one that will last a lifetime. And in many ways, it's symbolic of why I became a financial planner.

Whether you are a parent or a grand-parent, worries about personal finances can get in the way of making memories with your family. But with the help of a financial advisor who puts your needs first, you can feel more confident and secure about your financial future.

I take the time to understand what’s truly important to you — whether it’s saving for college, retiring the way you want, making smart investments or reading a story to your grand-child.

I’ll help you feel like the dreams you have — for today and tomorrow — are safe.

And that way, you can focus on the things and the moments that truly matter.

From Anchor to Advisor

I am often stopped and asked why I chose to leave a long career as a television news anchor to start a new one as a financial advisor.

And even though there are a multitude of really good reasons, I often smile and reply with a question of my own: "have you met Dolly Rae?"

You can watch my last newscast, learn more about my decision to join Moore & Associates, and meet Dolly by clicking here.

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