Hello. It's nice to meet you.

Hello. It's nice to meet you.

From the minute we meet, it won’t be an ordinary experience. I believe there are defining moments when it comes to life and money — and the people you choose to surround yourself with can make all the difference.

The magic happens in the planning. When it comes to your success, never underestimate the power of an idea matched with a to-do list. I believe goal-setting and goal-achieving is a dance between high-level analytics and imagination with a creative perspective. Money is alive, moving, and ever-changing, and it’s just a tool. With the right team around you, that tool can help you plan to accomplish the quality of life you dream of.

Hello. It's nice to meet you.

It’s my pleasure — that’s my motto

One of my favorite things when I travel is when I hear the phrase, “It’s my pleasure.” It’s my goal with your personal planning that you feel this way every time we work together. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and you deserve the best.

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Gauge your retirement readiness

Our 3-Minute Confident Retirement® check can help you start finding the answers to your questions. Gauge your retirement readiness and see where you stand.


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Staying on track when markets are volatile

Market volatility is a natural characteristic of investment markets. Ongoing communication with your advisor can help ensure you have the personalized financial advice you need to maintain a well-diversified portfolio regardless of market conditions. (2:17)