Resources during market uncertainty

Gain insights and perspectives on market conditions due to COVID-19 (coronavirus). We are closely watching the market environment to help you make informed decisions about your long-term, diversified investment strategy.

Reach out with any questions or concerns. We are available to work with you as is convenient remotely, or via phone.

Listen to the call replay: Ameriprise perspectives with investment, market and economy experts

In times of market pressure, it’s important to make sound financial decisions with objective information. Your advisor is committed to delivering personalized advice specific to your financial goals and needs.

On the call replay, you’ll hear insights on questions from clients, including:

  • What could a market and economic recovery look like and what should we be watching for?
  • How does the current market affect investment approaches?
  • What should I consider doing with my accounts for retirement?

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Featured speakers

  • Marcy Keckler, Vice President – Financial Advice Strategy
  • Colin Moore, Global Chief Investment Officer
  • David Joy, Chief Market Strategist
  • Russell Price, CFA, Chief Economist
  • Bill Williams, Executive Vice President, Ameriprise Franchise Group
  • Pat O’Connell, Executive Vice President, Ameriprise Advisor Group & Ameriprise Financial Institutions Group


Audiocasts: Market and financial planning insights from Ameriprise

Get answers to questions we are hearing from clients about the potential impacts that changing market conditions could have on your financial life. The audiocast series features Ameriprise market, economic and financial planning experts discussing a range of topics. They provide insights to help you put the current environment into perspective and actions to consider with your Ameriprise advisor.


Pivoting your portfolio for the next stages in markets

You asked, we answered. This week, we continue responding to questions submitted during our recent call with clients. Ameriprise experts provide insights to help investors across a range of investment time horizons.*

  • Adding new investments
  • Rebalancing what you own
  • Dialing down investment risk
  • Anticipating sectors poised for a recovery

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Featured experts

Marcy Keckler

Marcy Keckler

Vice President - Financial Advice Strategy

Anthony Saglimbene

Anthony Saglimbene

Global Market Strategist


Answers to questions about stock prices and dividends

During a recent client call, Ameriprise leaders shared insights on questions about markets, the economy and financial planning. As a follow-up, our experts continue to answer questions in key topics.*


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From your wallet to Wall Street: How consumer spending changes could impact your portfolio

The pandemic is driving material changes in consumer and government spending. In this audiocast, experts from Ameriprise share perspectives on both topics.*


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Managing investment emotions in a bear market

It can be difficult to stick with your long-term investment strategy when conditions are uncertain. To help you stay invested and participate in an eventual market recovery, Ameriprise experts discuss how to counteract four common investment biases with support from your advisor.*


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Managing retirement accounts in a bear market

Your advisor is here to help you navigate the recent sharp ups and downs across markets. Ameriprise financial planning experts provide insights on retirement- and tax-related concerns in the current environment.*


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5 aspects of the CARES Act aid package

The U.S. government’s $2 trillion injection of liquidity is intended to help stem the economic impacts of a recession. Financial planning experts from Ameriprise summarize their insights across the following provisions.*


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Retirement and taxes – Actions to consider in a bear market

In this Q&A audiocast, experts from Ameriprise Financial discuss the long-term financial planning options for investors to consider.


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Q&A: market and economic impacts related to COVID-19

In this Q&A audiocast, investment experts from Ameriprise Financial and Columbia Threadneedle Investments answer top client questions regarding the impacts of the recent market volatility.*


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3 actions to navigate the changing market

Strong market downdrafts driven by coronavirus fears can feel unsettling. Anthony Saglimbene, Ameriprise Global Market Strategist, sums up what to watch for and three actions to take with your advisor to help keep your portfolio on track.


 Economic impacts from the coronavirus

Where could global economies be headed amid the outbreak? Russell Price, Ameriprise Chief Economist, sums up the near-term situation and whether it could cause a recession.


How can investors mitigate risks and stay on track with their long-term objectives?

Anthony Saglimbene, Ameriprise Global Market Strategist, recaps the key actions that can help you weather a variety of market conditions and achieve your long-term objectives.


Stock market performance during and after bear markets

As this chart of the S&P 500® Index illustrates, after the selling pressure of a bear market finally hits a bottom, stocks have a strong track record of bouncing back in the subsequent months and years. Longer-term investors should keep in mind that a diversified mix of stocks, bonds, alternatives and cash earn their keep in stressful market environments, likely performing better than the S&P 500 Index and other major indices. The bottom line: Balance risk with opportunity, and construct your portfolio within an appropriate time horizon to help achieve your goals.


Source: Bloomberg, as of 2.29.20.

 Together, we can help you prepare for and weather market fluctuations

Remember to keep these tips in mind, especially now when markets are volatile:

  • Stay focused on your financial goals — we’re here to help with this.
  • Ensure your allocations are consistent with your longer-term risk profile and rebalance your portfolio regularly.
  • Make sound investment decisions based on informed, rational reactions to news headlines.



If you have concerns about your investments, please reach out. Together, we can determine what, if any, action you need to take.