3 steps to help you reach your travel goals

Group of friends taking photo on vacation

While the pandemic kept people closer to home, improving conditions in the U.S. and around the world have more Americans thinking about traveling once again. As you consider sites to see and activities to do, we are here to help you manage the financial considerations of planning your next big trip. We’ll help you define your goal – big or small – and identify the steps to help you reach it. 

To start, below are three steps to help you work toward your vacation goals. 

  1. Think big. What do you envision for your next adventure? Perhaps you’re ready to start checking items off your travel bucket list or maybe you want to make extended family trips an annual tradition.

    Consider those “someday” activities and your dream destinations. Knowing the “where” and “when” can help determine how far in advance to start planning – and saving. Even if these adventures feel aspirational, we can help you incorporate travel into your overall financial goals.

  2. Set your travel goal. With a clear picture of your next vacation destination, you can determine how much you need to save. Start by calculating the cost of traveling to your destination. From there, you can estimate your daily expenses – activities, meals and nightly accommodations. Consider allocating funds for a few vacation splurges as well.

    Tracking goals online is easy. At any time, simply log in to the secure site on ameriprise.com and click the “goals” tab. If you don’t have access to online goal tracking, schedule an appointment by calling us at 800.297.2012, and we can activate this feature for you.

    With online tracking, you can view your travel goal alongside your other financial priorities. Together, we can review your overall timeline and discuss ways to help you reach your short- and long-term goals. 

  3. Watch your savings grow. Setting aside funds specifically earmarked for travel can help you reach your goals more quickly. We can help you manage and invest funds, depending on the timeline for your goal. With online goal tracking, you can adjust your goal amount in real time and see how investing more money or withdrawing funds may impact your overall goal timeline.

Whether you’re saving for travel or retirement goals, we’re here to help you work toward what’s most important to you. Our personalized financial advice helps you stay on track and feel more confident. To discuss the next steps toward your financial goals, schedule an appointment by calling us at 800.297.2012.