Top 3 tips to retire confidently


Key Points

  • Overall retirement confidence has increased since 2017, according to a newly released study
  • Having an employer savings plan can boost confidence, but the other reasons workers are optimistic may surprise you
  • Those still working share concerns about the future, but the problems cited are solvable

More Americans are confident they’ll have enough money for retirement than a year ago, according to the 2018 Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) Retirement Confidence Survey.1 However, even individuals who are optimistic about the future still have some fundamental concerns. Their worries can be addressed with personal financial plans, a holistic approach to financial planning and tailored solutions.





How do you compare?

Do you share some of the concerns the study respondents cited? Your advisor can help determine how much income you’ll need in retirement, explore options for rolling over employer plans and map out a retirement income withdrawal strategy.