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In 2003 shortly after the death of my father, I realized my passion and life purpose was to help others effectively manage their wealth. You see just three months prior to his passing, I helped my father establish a revocable trust that allowed my mother to keep a greater portion of my father’s estate by reducing the government’s take. While my father had several advisors who invested his money, he did not have an advisor that took a holistic approach to managing his wealth. This experience stuck with me, so several years later and twenty-one years into my work life, I became a financial advisor. However, it was not until 2014 when I joined Ameriprise, a longstanding leader in financial planning and advice, that I was truly able to take a comprehensive approach to financial planning through goal-based advice and wealth preservation strategies.

My Value

With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry working with individuals and businesses, I look to help clients enjoy fuller and more meaningful lives by serving as a dependable source of knowledge and by providing wealth management strategies for them. I pride myself on my ability to connect personally with my clients. My practice includes corporate executives and managers, attorneys and small businessowners. I also work with HR/Benefits professionals to create, implement and manage Financial Wellness programs.

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2019 market outlook

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