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My approach

Financial Planning is why I exist professionally; to help families develop a financial plan to live the best life and make the biggest impact possible with the resources they have.

It is centered in helping you identify your family's most meaningful goals and working through an intentional process to pursue them. I find that in order to help my clients make the biggest impact on their family and community, it’s critical that we go beyond investments, which is where I believe the majority of our profession stops.

I believe using a comprehensive approach and scenario based planning drives the biggest impact-where you not only bring to me items you want to address, but I proactively bring you items that will be helpful to address (including gaps and opportunities not previously identified), based on my experience working with families in a similar position to your current one, as well as families in situations that might be aspirational to where you want to go.

What is the full potential impact of your wealth? I believe the answer involves more than your balance sheet and cash flow statement; the full answer incorporates your family members, your family story, your community, your principles and values, your goals and your assets. This is where financial planning comes in, bringing it all together, and enhancing the impact of your wealth.

Years of Experience
This number may include years as a financial advisor, and/or experience as a registered representative.

Areas of focus

  • Employee Stock Options
  • Investment Management
  • Tax Planning Strategies
  • Executive Compensation and Benefit Strategies
  • Business Retirement Plans
  • Small Business
  • Women's Financial Strategies
  • Financial Strategies for LGBTQ Couples and Families
  • Domestic Partner Planning


  • CRPC™ Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™
  • APMA™ Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor™


  • B.S. Personal Finance, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Awards & recognition

  • Four Lakes Wealth Advisors, Ameriprise Client Experience Award, 2022

Professional associations

It's a privilege to serve

My passion is being the guide, or navigator, for people with their finances on their life journey. It is a privilege to help people. It is a privilege to get to do what I do. It is a privilege to do something I love in a way that helps others. Out of all the things I could do with my life, I made a decision many years ago that THIS is my life’s calling and what I want to do. It is an honor others choose to be a part of my life’s work.

I get excited every morning when I wake up for what the day will bring and the difference that will be made.

Community participation

  • River Food Pantry of Madison, Wisconsin volunteer
  • Dane County Habitat for Humanity volunteer
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin volunteer
  • EAGLE School volunteer


I consider myself an ‘ideas person’. I enjoy brainstorming, both personally and professionally. All ideas are worth putting on the board to see what sticks and what doesn’t; you won’t know until you try.

I believe in progress, not perfection.

I feel my strengths include creativity, problem solving, listening instead of waiting for my turn to talk, having empathy and overall trying my best to be a good person.

With my free-time, I enjoy getting up early when the world is still sleeping to exercise, doing mindless things to allow me to think, woodworking/making things with my hands, mountain biking and riding motorcycles on racetracks.

Private Wealth Advisors

Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisors have extensive experience in helping affluent clients preserve and grow their wealth. They possess the capabilities and resources to provide customized recommendations and support for tax, estate, and retirement planning. They help clients step back and explore the full range of opportunities their wealth can bring. With years of experience and an established network of expert resources, Private Wealth Advisors are among the most qualified and credentialed advisors in the industry. Ameriprise Financial gives this elite group the highest priority and quality of service and resources available to help ensure their clients receive the best possible client experience.