Past events

Coming out of the Crisis - COVID- 19 Webinar

  • Eric Hundahl, CFA, Head of Portfolio Strategy, North America - BNY Mellon Investment Management
  • Scott Turner, Complex Director
  • BNY Mellon Investment Management

Attend our complimentary seminar to learn more on this topic, including:

• The 2000’s have included the longest bull market ever, yet also multiple large-scale economic crises that have significantly eroded investment growth.

• Diversification, though, has proven to be imperative in capturing consistent long-term returns during these times.

• The magnitude and speed of the Coronavirus downturn has been unprecedented.

• Holding cash has unintended implications for portfolios worth analyzing.

Market and Economic Perspectives Seminar and Cooking Class Client Event

  • Brian Matlock, Advisor Consultant - Goldman Sachs
  • Ameriprise Financial Dublin Branch
  • Goldman Sachs

You are invited to the Seasoned Farmhouse for a class on how to cook a special meal, and a special seminar presentation “Market and Economic Perspectives” to learn more about planning, and legacy.