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Pie-palooza with Chef Tom Beckman

  • Chef Tom Beckman
  • Kasch, Levitch, McAleer & Associates

Please Join Kasch, Levitch, McAleer & Associates

For a

Cooking Class and Virtual Chat with Chef Tom Beckman

Hosted by:

Roger Kasch, Leonard Levitch, Pat McAleer

Private Wealth Advisors

Chad Dean, Kyle Geblein, John Gerard

Financial Advisors

Kasch, Levitch, McAleer & Associates

A private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC.

Met up with Chef Tom Beckman on Friday night for a Happy Hour chat. He will discuss his baking process and will answer food questions.

To reserve a spot: or email us at kristen.hebert@ampf.com

There is no cost or obligation for this event.

Past events


  • Kasch, Levitch, McAleer & Assoicates

Overwhelmed by piles of old documents? Worried about identity theft?
Ready to get rid of those tax documents? Now is your chance
to shred all of your personal documents. Join two offices of Ameriprise Financial as they sponsor an on-site shredding event.

There is no cost or obligation for this event.

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Please join us for a Virtual Art Open House to view the work of Page Dowdy

  • Leonard Levitch, Roger Kasch and Pat McAleer PWAs; Chad Dean, Kyle Geblein, and John Gerard FAs

Presenting the artwork of

Page Dowdy

“Travels and Such”

Please join us for on Facebook to view Page’s current collection from his trips to Iceland, London, New York, Arizona, Sicily, Wyoming, Chicago &Norway

Page worked for TIME-Warner for a number of years as a Color & Black/White technician. He processed film and printed color and black and white prints for the following publications; LIFE, People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Money and TIME. He has been a photographer for a little over 50 years and 35 of those were spent in the business either as a working photographer or dark room technician. Page’s eye for detail and technical knowledge of printmaking are reflected in his creative applications in the photography medium.

Follow us on Facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/kaschlevitchmcaleerassociates/

And watch for the show album to post on Thursday, June 18, 2020 at noon

There is no obligation or cost for this event.

Page Dowdy is not affiliated with Ameriprise Financial.