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What you can expect when you work with me

 My purpose is to help you feel confident, connected and in control of your financial life. The right financial advice can help prepare you for whatever life brings – both the expected and the unexpected.

When you work with me, you receive:
  • 1:1 financial advice based on your goals and needs.
  • Personalized recommendations for a diversified portfolio, and solutions to help protect you from uncertainty.
  • Regular meetings to review your goals, progress and investments.
  • Anytime access to your investments and digital tools to help you stay on track.
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Areas of focus

  • Retirement Planning Strategies
  • Wealth Preservation Strategies
  • Retirement Income Strategies
  • Saving for Education
  • Family Finances
  • Investment Management
  • Insurance
  • Domestic Partner Planning
  • Cash Flow Management Strategies
  • Retirement Plan Distribution
  • Small Business


  • Being a role model for my kids
  • Pool: (billiards) I have coached a team to Vegas
  • Golf: although not as good as I would like to be it is a very fun sport
  • Fishing: I am an avid fisherman. I love fishing in all bodies of water
  • Traveling: Getting to view the world and all nationalities. Seeing and hearing different stories of how they live is so much fun.
  • Spending as much time as I can with my family.