Past events

Wholeness of You: Mindful Compassion & Gratitude as a Path to Resilience

  • Heather Doyle Fraser, Coach, Publisher, and Author - Compassionate Mind Collaborative and Beyond Change LLC
  • Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

Please join Ameriprise Financial for our virtual event on Tuesday, November 9th at 4:00 PM ET. Heather Doyle Fraser, life coach, publisher, author, and founder of the Compassionate Mind Collaborative and its parent company, Beyond Change LLC will be our featured speaker. The topic for the event will be “Wholeness of You: Mindful Compassion & Gratitude as a Path to Resilience”.

Heather utilizes compassionate mind strategies and skills to help her clients focus on what is truly important in their lives. At the virtual Webex Event, Heather will explore:

  • The importance of compassion in our chaotic world.
  • How our brain has evolved to keep us safe, but how sometimes, this evolved brain keeps us stuck.
  • The importance of starting any plan with our big WHY and our values.How we can use compassionate skills and strategies such as gratitude to set ourselves up for success as we plan and set goals for our future.
  • For more information on Heather and the books she has authored visit her website

This is an informational event. There is no cost or obligation.

CompassionateMind Collaborative is not affiliated with Ameriprise Financial.