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The Road to Ultimate Resiliency


WebEx Virtual Event, 5905 E Galbraith Rd Ste 4200, Cincinnati, OH 45236

Dr. Kevin Elko - New York Life

Derek Hassenpflug, CFP ChFC, Branch Manager

Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

Given today’s environment, being resilient has never been more important. That is why New York Life Investments has partnered with Dr. Kevin Elko; during this seminar he will outline (5) key components on how to build true resiliency to help you tackle and push through life’s difficulties.

This is an informational seminar. There is no cost or obligation. New York Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with Ameriprise Financial. Dr. Kevin Elko is not affiliated with Ameriprise Financial LLC, New York Life Insurance Company or any of their subsidiaries. Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC. Member FINRA and SIPC. © 2022 Ameriprise Financial Inc. All rights reserved