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What you can expect when you work with me

 My purpose is to help you feel confident, connected and in control of your financial life. The right financial advice can help prepare you for whatever life brings – both the expected and the unexpected.

When you work with me, you receive:
  • 1:1 financial advice based on your goals and needs.
  • Personalized recommendations for a diversified portfolio, and solutions to help protect you from uncertainty.
  • Regular meetings to review your goals, progress and investments.
  • Anytime access to your investments and digital tools to help you stay on track.
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Areas of focus

  • Retirement Planning Strategies
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning Strategies
  • Domestic Partner Planning
  • Retirement Income Strategies
Years of Experience
This number may include years as a financial advisor, and/or experience as a registered representative.


Obviously, Covid-19 has curtailed our ability to attend public and social event interests. We look forward to when Broadway opens again, and when movie theaters and restaurants are safe to frequent. Until then we have focused on keeping safe at work and at home.

We make special meals and have movie nights at home, and it satisfies some of our restlessness at being restricted. We enjoy taking a drive and seeing new scenery. We are working on getting my next books out for publication and Aggie does jig-saw puzzles as one distraction.

Of course, we keep all our friends in our thoughts to stay safe and healthy!

Community participation

We continue to regularly contribute to the Community Harvest Food Bank and we support those efforts to help people less fortunate. I consider it a moral imperative that we help one another when we can and I'm convinced Harvest Food accomplishes that mission.

  • Community Harvest Food Bank