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Economic Insights and the Psychology of Investing



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Russell Price, Chief Economist - Ameriprise Financial Mark Peterson, Director – BlackRock Investment Management , Chief Economist - Ameriprise Financial

Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

Join us for anexclusive opportunity to attend a virtual presentation on Thursday, Oct 27,2022. The event is complimentary. Beloware details about the event.

Thursday,October 27th from 3:00 PM CT - 4:15 PM CT

Russell Price, ChiefEconomist for Ameriprise Financial will kick off our session with his insightson today’s economic environment. Priceis frequently quoted in The Associated Press, Fox Business, Bloomberg News,BusinessWeek and Reuters and has appeared in many other national media outlets.He has been cited by Bloomberg Financial as a “Bloomberg Best” for being one ofthe most accurate economic forecasters in their benchmark consensus survey.

Additionally, MarkPeterson, Director BlackRock Investments, will share perspectives and present ThePsychology ofInvesting. The session will focus on keeping calm amidmarket turbulence & keys to investment success.

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