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Exploring Cryptocurrencies

  • Ashley Oerth, Investment Strategy Analyst - Invesco
  • Further Financial Group, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC.
  • Invesco

Please join Further Financial Group for a free online webinar! You will gain greater insight into cryptocurrencies and how they work. You will learn how cryptocurrency is valued and an overview of major cryptocurrencies. This webinar is presented by Ashley Oerth, Investment Strategy Analyst with Invesco.

Please make your reservation for you and your guests by October 20th. Each guest will be emailed a unique link after you RSVP.

To reserve a spot: call us at 513.346.1752 or email us at richard.newell@ampf.com

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This is an informational event. There is no cost or obligation.

Sponsored by Invesco.

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