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Our Approach

Financial Planning is About More Than Just Money!

We believe financial planning is a lot like owning a sports team. If there’s no one coordinating the team members, they will do what they do best individually, but lose as a team. Why? No one knows what the other’s game plan is.

At Cornerstone Financial Strategies, we understand people try to hire the best professionals (attorney, CPA, financial advisor, etc.) at what they do; but often fail to have them communicate as one team with the same goal—your desires and values. This is why at Cornerstone Financial Strategies, we offer values-based (what’s most important to you), comprehensive (corralling all the pieces of the puzzle) financial planning. Since we believe money is not the most important thing in life, we focus on your custom, personalized strategies that will take into consideration your most important goals aligned with your most deeply held values.

All this with Cornerstone Financial Strategies’ unprecedented level of service!

Find out how you too may start living your ideal life!


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Our Value Proposition

We seek to help you develop a plan so that you can live your “Ideal Life” by facilitating a process that:

Aligns your financial choices with your most important goals and your most deeply held values.

Gets your financial goals in order.

Gives you more confidence that no matter what happens in the markets, the economy, or the world, you can stay on track toward your goals.

Frees up mental and physical space, and time so you can focus on the things in your life which are more important than money.



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Everyone has different financial goals and priorities. The right financial advisor can offer personalized, comprehensive advice that helps you prepare for what’s expected in life and even what’s not. Visit to learn more. (0:30)