How we work

About Element Wealth Advisors

Element Wealth Advisors success is woven into our values and philosophy.

  • ClientFocused
  • Integrity Always
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Respect for individuals and our communities

These values inspire us to perform at a premier level and build strong relationships with clients.

We provide professional advice and personalized guidance to our clients. We are passionate about your unique life and investment goals.

Essential elements to your financial future are addressed based on the actual definition of Element:

“a component or constituent of a whole or one of the parts into which a whole may be resolved by analysis”

You deserve advice you can trust from Element Wealth Advisors. We believe there is no substitute for the confidence you feel knowing someone is looking out for you.

Together, Element Wealth Advisors and you are planning for life.

Areas of focus

  • Investments
  • Tax Planning Strategies
  • Retirement Planning Strategies
  • Insurance
  • Wealth Preservation Strategies
  • Retirement Plan Distribution
  • Social Security Retirement Benefits
  • Estate Planning Strategies
  • Women's Financial Strategies
  • Intergenerational Planning
  • Employee Stock Options
  • Executive Compensation and Benefit Strategies
  • Domestic Partner Planning

Community participation

- Human Rights Campaign

-Humane Society of Atlanta Donor

- Lassiter High School Band Donor

- Environmental Action

- The Salvation Army

- The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Georgia Chapter

- The Clean Air Campaign

- St. Vincent De Paul of Atlanta

- AID Atlanta

- Mitman, Reese and Associates Endowed Scholarship, College of Human Environmental Sciences, The University of Alabama

Working with us

Ameriprise financial advisors deliver personalized financial advice to help you achieve your goals, today and tomorrow. Your advisor takes the time to understand what’s truly important to you. Together, they will document your goals, track your progress and make ongoing recommendations to help you diversify your portfolio, and adjust to whatever life brings – both the expected and the unexpected.

Take the first step toward a more confident financial future by setting up an initial conversation.

What to expect from the first meeting

Your first meeting is complimentary and will focus on your financial needs, goals and values. During the conversation, you’ll learn the value of personalized advice, the costs associated with working together and next steps. It’s an opportunity for you to get a sense of what it might be like to work together.

To help your advisor understand your current financial status, it’s helpful to share information on accounts and income. Examples include:

  • Current income and expenses
  • Bank and investment statements
  • Home and real estate
  • 401(k) and IRA accounts
  • Insurance policies

Additionally, consider future financial goals you would like to achieve, including both short- and long-term goals.

Questions to consider before you meet

To prepare for your first meeting, think about your current financial picture and priorities. To help, consider these financial questions:

  • What are your most important financial goals right now?
  • What concerns you most about your finances?
  • Did a recent event cause you to seek advice?
  • What are you looking for from a financial advisor? What are you not receiving currently?

What you’ll receive going forward

Your first meeting is just the beginning of an ongoing relationship and process. When you work with an Ameriprise advisor, you can expect:

  • One-to-one financial advice based on your goals and needs
  • Personalized recommendations for a diversified portfolio, and solutions to protect you from uncertainty
  • Regular meetings to review your goals, progress and investments
  • Anytime access to your investments, and digital tools to help you stay on track

With right advice supported by research and online tools to track your progress, we can help you feel confident, connected and always in control of your financial life.