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Our approach

People will ask how one invests successfully. It is fairly straight forward. I believe that one must adopt a long-term view of personal wealth and avoid the media's temptation to fixate on short-term events.

It is my belief that the path to financial success starts with diversification. I don't believe you should concentrate your assets in any one type of investment or any one asset class. Stated another way, I don't believe you should concentrate all of your wealth in one stock. In fact Idon't believe all of your money should be invested in stocks.

It is my belief that the path to financial success requires proper asset allocation. You should consider exposure to global real estate, US stocks & bonds, international stocks & bonds, and commodities.

When possible, investing systematically, over time. This takes market timing out of the investment equation. This is called dollar cost averaging.

The final step on your path is patience. The markets will enter into periods of volatility. These periods can be extreme. Rather than seeing these periods as upsetting, I encourage you to plan for them and view them as periods of opportunity.

Clearly this investment philosophy needs to be "fleshed out". . . I encourage you to stop by and have a cup of coffee . . . let's talk.

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