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We are committed to helping people – especially women – with SPARK*activities: Saving, Planning, Advice, Recommendations, and Knowledge. Our team believes we have a role to play in making the world a better place by assisting people – clients and non-clients – in their pursuit of financial well-being. We are happy to compare notes or offer a second opinion.

We value community service and are active volunteers in several organizations, including Financial Beginnings, an organization dedicated to teaching financial literacy.

Engaged communicators

These are uncertain times, and we genuinely care about YOU; we recognize that more connection is better than less. We are available when you have questions and will also reach out to see how you are doing. We meet with people face-to-face as well as virtually, and we attend to ongoing collaboration even if you live a distance from us.


SPARK’s founder, Blayne, grew up in Iowa, worked ten years in ministry and is a financial advisor with 35 years of financial industry experience. He has five children, four of whom are daughters, and many of his clients are widows. He has watched and supported women in all stages of life and through times of joy, tragedy, and growth.

Our advisors

Blayne Barnhart, Private Wealth Advisor serving the Spokane, WA area - Ameriprise Advisors

Blayne Barnhart


Private Wealth Advisor

Chartered Financial Consultant®
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Madeline Buescher, Financial Advisor serving the Spokane, WA area - Ameriprise Advisors

Madeline Buescher


Financial Advisor

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Our team

Heidi Beierle

Heidi Beierle

Operations Manager

Personal Intro

A nature lover and creative, Heidi delights in everyday discoveries. You may interact with her on the phone, via email, or on Facebook, but mostly she's behind the scenes helping the team run efficiently.


  • MA in English & Master of Community and Regional Planning

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Heidi serves as Operations Manager & Creative Director. She manages the team brand and communications and is building the SPARK women's program.
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