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Inflation implications for profit margins and stock prices

Companies and consumers have rightfully become more concerned about inflation. Ameriprise Global Market Strategist Anthony Saglimbene answers three key questions:

  • What is driving inflationary pressure in certain sectors?
  • When might inflation begin to slow?
  • Could some companies reduce prices for competitive advantages?


Q4 investment outlook: Will uncertainties subside?

Fiscal and monetary policy uncertainty has pressured stock prices recently. Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy discusses how those concerns may eventually subside while economic fundamentals remain strong. He also provides views on the near term:

  • Expectations for Q4
  • Main risks to watch
  • Overall landscape for long-term investors


The Fed is ready, so what’s next for bonds?

When will the Federal Reserve begin tapering bond purchases and raise interest rates? Fixed Income Strategist Brian Erickson discusses market dynamics, a view into 2022 and three key longer-term themes:

  • Tapering is not a rate hike
  • Expect the Treasury yields to rise modestly over time
  • Low bond yields may be the norm


Is there more growth ahead for the US and global economies?

The pace of the global economic recovery has slowed. Will it pick up again? And what are key factors to watch in the US with inflation lasting longer than expected? Watch Ameriprise Chief Economist Russell Price discuss three key economic themes:

  • The path for inflation into 2022
  • Whether consumer prices will continue to rise
  • Potential strains on the US economy


How to navigate market volatility

When the stock market fluctuates, it’s natural to feel uncertain about your investment decisions. Together, we can review your portfolio and discuss personalized recommendations that support your financial goals throughout market cycles over time.




 Together, we can help you prepare for and weather market fluctuations

Remember to keep these tips in mind, especially when markets are volatile:

  • Stay focused on your financial goals — we’re here to help with this.
  • Ensure your allocations are consistent with your longer-term risk profile and rebalance your portfolio regularly.
  • Make sound investment decisions based on informed, rational reactions to news headlines.


If you have concerns about your investments, please reach out. Together, we can determine what, if any, action you need to take.