Wesley McCann

Wesley McCann

Financial Advisor
A private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC
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Investment Performance Matters

Hi there, I’m Wesley!

Maybe you’ve landed on my page because of my marketing efforts, maybe we met in person at an event, or maybe a client of ours told you about us—either way, thank you for stopping by!

Personally, I enjoy working with the person that is highly focused on building up their net worth. Usually, they have 10+ years before they plan to exit the workforce. Their main objective is growth of their net worth and investment performance matters to them.

When it comes to talking about ways to improve long-term investment performance, you might think the financial jargon is a little complex-but it doesn’t have to be.

We believe simple language and transparent investment results are our two keys to successful investing. We accomplish this by benchmarking.

What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking in personal finance, is a way of comparing an individual's investment portfolio against a specific measurement to identify performance gaps and achieve best in class results.

Why is Benchmarking Important?

  • Quality: Benchmarking can help the person with a growth mindset to continuously improve the quality of their investments. Together, the client and advisor observe the current standard and then try to surpass that.
  • Long-term performance: Benchmarking can help the person with a growth mindset overcome complacency. We continuously strive to surpass our performance standards to stay relevant in the economy.
  • Cost efficiency: Benchmarking allows the person with a growth mindset to evaluate if management fees, financial planning fees, mutual fund fees, and overdiversification are worth the reduced rate of return on their investment.
  • Accountability: Benchmarking sets expectations for each quarterly report card.

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