A confident retirement

Today, it’s natural to have questions about your retirement, even if you’ve saved and planned for it. With our exclusive Confident Retirement®approach, we’ll help you find answers and take the first step toward creating aroad map to the future you want. We’ll talk through the four basic principlesof retirement: (1) covering essential expenses, (2) ensuring your lifestyle,(3) preparing for the unexpected and (4) leaving a legacy. Our Seasons of Advice® ongoing service process helps ensure you stay ontrack and continue to make informed decisions with timely, relevant updates and in coordination with your other professionals. And I’ll help you make adjustments as needed so you can retire on your terms.


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Any client represented invests with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC, a registered broker-dealer, as a brokerage customer. This is not an advertisement for investment advisory services and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Retirement discovery

Some questions about retirement are nearly universal. For example—how much can I spend and still have income that lasts for my whole retirement? How will the ups and downs of the market impact my income after I retire? And what about inflation – will it eat up my retirement income?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, it’s time for a visit to riversource.com/INTERACTIVE. It’s a discovery tool that puts you in the driver’s seat as you explore the most important issues impacting your retirement income.

After your visit, contact me and we’ll talk about the things that concern you most – and solutions that could help you have a more confident retirement.


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