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Raising Financially Aware Kids - Understanding the value of a dollar from toddler to teen

  • Diane Gallagher, Vice President - American Century Investments
  • Ameriprise Financial, Portland, ME branch
  • American Century Investments

Kids often rely on theirparents or caregivers for information on how to manage money. This complimentary seminar will highlight some important money concepts that youshare with your kids to help them better understand:

· Their values and money

· How they can earn money and experience

· Basic saving and investment strategies

· Responsible budgeting and borrowing practices

· The importance of giving back

To reserve a spot: call us at 207.228.2675 or email us at jennifer.means@ampf.com

This is an informational webinar. There is no cost or obligation.

American Century Investments and its representatives are not affiliated with Ameriprise Financial.