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How can your investment strategy impact the change you want to see in the world?

  • Lenore Reiner, Responsible Investment Specialist - Calvert, an Eaton Vance Company
  • Geri E. Pell, CFP®, MBA, CDFA®, Private Wealth Advisor and Julie Wendholt, APMA®, Financial Advisor

For some, having a lasting impact on the world for today, and future generations is of utmost importance. How can you use your investments to make a difference and effect the positive change you want to see? Investing with your values and having a good rate of return are not mutually exclusive. You can do well by doing good.

Join us virtually on September 17th as we welcome Lenore Reiner, Responsible Investment Specialist at Calvert, an EatonVance Company. Lenore will discuss Responsible Investing: Aligning your financial goals with your values. She will dig deep and show us how using various environmental, social, and governance factors when making investment decisions can help put your money to work towards implementing policies and practices that align with your values.

Please invite anyone you know who is like-minded and curious about Pell Wealth Partners and how we can help them invest for impact.

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