What you can expect when you work with us

We believe success is measured not just by your financial well-being, but by how confident you feel about your future. Our clients are accomplished individuals, including professionals and business owners who have worked hard to create significant assets. If you are like them, you will want to secure the financial future you deserve.

The core of our business is 1:1 financial advice. We develop a personalized plan based on your goals and needs. We do regular reviews of your progress and investments. In addition to comprehensive financial planning, we specialize in:

• Estate Settlement

• Divorce financial planning

• Small business planning

Whether you want financial planning for yourself and your family; are running a business, facing a divorce or settling an estate; the task of managing these situations can be overwhelming.

Every client is important to us. Over time, we’ll work together to help you achieve what matters most.

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Finding a Smoother Path to Settling an Estate

The task associated with settling an estate may be outside you expertise. If you are asked to be an executor or trustee, you may want some advice. My team can help you:

  • Communicate with family members
  • Review distribution options and the tax implications for each option
  • Review money movement and account consolidation options
  • Coordinate with other professionals, such as legal and tax

At Feldmeyer Financial Group, we can help simplify the process of estate settlement and provide resources that you may not have thought of during this time of emotional distress. For help making confident financial decisions during an estate settlement, contact my office.

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2019 market outlook

Market volatility is a natural characteristic of investment markets. Ongoing communication with your advisor can help ensure you have the personalized financial advice you need to maintain a well-diversified portfolio regardless of market conditions. (2:17)