Affinity Wealth Advisory Group, based in Phoenix, AZ, is dedicated to informing and guiding individuals experiencing life transitions, such as widowhood, divorce, retirement or business liquidity. Take a look at the latest perspectives from our practice.

Market Psychology

Focusing on your long-term goals can help you avoid missing opportunities.

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DIY Investing

Pros and cons of investing without professional guidance

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The One-Off Years

Emotions and behavior can be affected by your values. Are you values reflected in your investing?

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When Tomorrow Doesn't Arrive

Are you (and your loved ones) prepared for the unexpected? Here are some ways to successfully plan for the inevitable.

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Financial decisions during transitions can affect the rest of your life. We can help!

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A Personal Story

What happens when the story of the life we planned takes a detour?

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Things to Think of...Before Divorce

Pre-wedding planning can help strengthen a marriage or, if things don't go as planned, mitigate some of the financial impact of divorce.

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Divorce: Who Gets What?

After the decree, dividing the assets can still require additional help and effort. Here are some basics to help guide you through that process.

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Market Volatility

Market volatility is normal and planning can help navigate the occasional bumps.

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Risk Exposure
What do you do to protect your portfolio from market downturns? Read More