How we work

Our Approach

We live in the information age. You can get information anywhere. Wisdom is knowing what to do with the information. At Hicks & Associates, we take a methodical and comprehensive approach to your financial situation such that we can help you turn information into wisdom. Whether you need help planning your transition into retirement or developing a plan to leave your legacy, we can help.

We also offer our clients personalized wealth management strategies which are based upon our own independent research and implemented through our investment advisory process. When it comes to helping our clients manage their investments, our approach is focused on helping to reduce downside risk. Our multi-strategy investment process combines characteristics of a variety of investment theories into one cohesive methodology.

Areas of focus

  • Investments
  • Retirement Income Strategies
  • Retirement Plan Distribution
  • Wealth Preservation Strategies
  • Executive Compensation and Benefit Strategies
  • Intergenerational Planning
  • Retirement Planning Strategies
  • Estate Planning Strategies
  • Charitable Giving

Community participation

Hicks & Associates works with Feeding Children Everywhere. In 2018 we helped package ~25,000 meals.
Hicks & Associates works with Feeding Children Everywhere. In 2018 we helped package ~25,000 meals.

We believe being a good steward means we should give generously, both of our time and our money. Even in the richest country in the world, there are people all around us who have fallen on hard times. For Hicks & Associates, we believe it is our responsibility to do our part to help those who have found themselves in a tough spot.

Over the years, we’ve supported a number of charities simply so that we can play our role in serving those in need. Currently, we are working with the following organizations and invite you to check out these and other organizations in your area if you are looking for a way to bless others.

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Working with us

Meeting with an Ameriprise financial advisor is an important first step. It's an opportunity to get to know an advisor and share your goals and dreams. You're under no obligation; your initial meeting with an Ameriprise financial advisor will be relaxed and informal.

Your meeting will include a review of your existing financial situation and potential opportunities, gaps or general strategies. While you won't receive a comprehensive review or financial planning services for which fees are charged, you should expect to get a sense of what it might be like to work together.

What to expect

  • Professional help in clarifying your financial goals and priorities
  • If you decide to purchase a financial planning service, you will receive sound financial advice at a fair price, tailored to your investment objectives
  • Accurate information about our tailored solutions, including risks, benefits and costs

What to bring

  • A list of any questions you have regarding your current financial situation
  • Any account statements, budget information or other areas of your financial life that you feel deserve immediate attention
  • A list of future dreams and financial goals you would like to achieve, including both short- and long-term goals