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We’re a boutique financial planning practice that works with affluent retirees and thriving entrepreneurs as you pursue your financial goals and dreams. We’re passionate about helping you sustain your wealth so you can focus more on living your life to the fullest with a sense of security.

Our comprehensive and client-centric approach to financial planning is dedicated to helping you sustain and benefit from the wealth you’ve built when work becomes optional. We work with you to develop and implement customized strategies to help preserve and protect your wealth and not only to cover the essential expenses when you retire, but also to ensure your lifestyle.

Through our proactive and consultative approach, we leverage the network of professionals at Ameriprise, plus consult with your tax and legal advisors, not just for the short-term, but to help ensure your plan aligns with your needs over your lifetime and beyond. We also help you plan for your legacy and charitable giving.

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I work with a group of retirees and entrepreneurs who have achieved a high level of success with $1M+ in investable assets. If you have been successful in your life and business, and now you want the peace of mind that comes from having a plan and a team in place to guide you as you pursue your financial goals, then we're here to help. My role is to help bring order to your financial life. Guided by the vision you hold for your life, I bring professional insight to help you make informed decisions and avoid emotionally driven actions that might result in costly mistakes. I can help you prepare for life transitions, so you have funds available to take advantage of opportunities or cover unexpected events.

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Everyone has different financial goals and priorities. The right financial advisor can offer personalized, comprehensive advice that helps you prepare for what’s expected in life and even what’s not. Visit Ameriprise.com/brilliant to learn more. (0:30)