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A private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC
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    Review tax planning strategies throughout the entire year, not just during tax season.

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    Learn the pros and cons of a rollover and how an IRA could help you achieve your retirement goals.
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Why do clients like our approach?

We start with questions instead of answers, including:

• What matters most to you?

• What experiences do you seek, or wish to avoid?

• What stands between where you are and the life you want to live?

• Does your retirement income plan account for changing tax brackets?

• Do you want an advisor who knows you and the markets?

We’ve experienced the 90’s Asian Market Crash, 2000 Dot Com Bubble, Great Recession of ’07-’08, 2020 Corona Virus Crash and more, while all the time helping our clients live more confidently. As we get to know you, we apply our Confident Retirement® approach to address four key areas to help you enjoy a more confident life – in Augusta or across the country. This deep knowledge of our clients, and our unconditionally guaranteed fees, set us apart from typical advisors.

We help people concerned about creating reliable retirement income, tax-planning strategies and providing for the next generation. The Profile, Insights and How to Get Started tabs can show you who we are and how we help. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to receive insights and ideas you can use.

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