Working Together

Vin and Bonnie's experience with Will is a video of one client’s experience with us.

When we meet, we start by identifying your values. With your values, goals and concerns identified, we can have a meaningful conversation about your expectations of me and my staff. Specifically how we can help you, the complexity of your situation, the scope of services you would like addressed, how much contact you prefer, and how you would like to work with us.

We then schedule time for the following meetings:

· Data Gathering – validate facts as well as feelings about your finances

· Strategy Session – discuss actions that can help you pursue your goals

· Plan Presentation – a customized financial plan with relevant and actionable recommendations for your financial situation

· Recommendations Checkpoints – follow up meetings to help ensure you are on track

In future years you determine the frequency of our tracking reviews, annual, twice a year or more often.

Private Wealth Advisors

Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisors have extensive experience in helping affluent clients preserve and grow their wealth. They possess the capabilities and resources to provide customized recommendations and support for tax, estate, and retirement planning. They help clients step back and explore the full range of opportunities their wealth can bring. With years of experience and an established network of expert resources, Private Wealth Advisors are among the most qualified and credentialed advisors in the industry. Ameriprise Financial gives this elite group the highest priority and quality of service and resources available to help ensure their clients receive the best possible client experience.