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Past Events

Document Shredding Day

Suzanne E Johannsen, Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial

Please join us for a document shredding day. Stop by or email us if you would like our complete list of what to shred and what to keep (and for how long).

Bring your bag, box or carload of shredding and Secure Shred will shred it while you watch. That’s one less thing to worry about in 2018!

All About Your Papers

Suzanne Johannsen

Downsize, Organize, Declutter 2

Three words that strike fear in the hearts of people as we age. But not to worry, I have partnered with Tammie Barber owner of Tammie to the Rescue to do a lunch and learn series to help. The next installment is All About Papers. Where are those important papers you (or someone you love) are going to need to find in a hurry someday? What to keep, when to shred; join us and start getting your papers organized.